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Quickly fit a lattice deformation cage around a mesh or set of meshes.


If we want to quickly change the proportions of an object with a Blender lattice, in the past we have found it time-consuming to create a lattice, define it's size and subdivisions, make it the right size for the mesh (or meshes) we are deforming, and then add one or more Lattice modifiers to the original object(s) and assign the lattice object. This add-on allows you to do it in one click and has the option of presets



  • Quick workflow: Select the object(s) you want to deform, and select the 'Fit Lattice' menu option.
  • Configurable: In one operation, also configure the number of subdivisions in the lattice object.
  • Select multiple: One lattice can be applied to many meshes when those meshes are selected.
  • Presets: Choose from a pre-defined list (2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4...) and/or define your own.
  • Quick deforms: The tool can be used to quickly deform a mesh, for instance, a 'taper' operation.
  • Fit Lattice will now work in edit mode when you select faces, edges or vertices
  • Compatible with our other addons such as the Plating Generator, Bevelled Extrude and Window Generator


Demo Video

See the Youtube Video at


Questions, comments, suggestions?

If there are any issues or questions do not hesitate to contact us via or via Twitter at


Praise for the Blender Fit Lattice:

"This is such a needed feature in Blender that has made lattices a truly functional tool in my workflow. Hats off to you, Mark. Thanks, and well done!" Kjell Eriksson
"Works well and does exactly what I need. Thanks for the huge time saver!" Micah Sibert
"I've been waiting for someone to make this. Wonderful little addon that makes the lattice deforming process a bit snappier. Thank you so much for this!" funksy 
"Ladies and gentleman, this is an awesome addon!" papasmurf7777

Fit Lattice

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