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A ready made blender file set up so that you can configure a wide range of space nebula effects.


Now with 2D and 3D versions!




3D Nebula Generator

  • An experimental 3D version of the Nebula Generator set up for Blender's EEVEE rendering engine is now downloadable.

There are some strobbing artefacts whilst rendering animations in EEVEE, which although can be countered by high Sample values, does impact performance.

  • The file is documented with a set of how-to instructions and is free to existing users.


2D Nebula Generator

  • Quickly configure panoramic background space nebula effects in cycles.

Features of the 2D version:

  • Fast render times even at high resolutions.
  • A range of configuration options allow you to change the colour and shape of the nebula.
  • Optional star effects that can be swapped out for your own.
  • By animating the parameters, the clouds can be made to appear as if they are moving.
  • Great for game backgrounds, animations, or concept art backdrops.
  • By default the effect is projected onto the background of the blender scene but can also be used as a texture on other objects.


By purchasing this version here you will:

  • Have a priority on new feature requests.
  • Be able to take advantage of new updates.
  • Allow us to invest the time in developing the effects further.
  • Once purchased, you will have ongoing access to a set of .blend files with different setups so that you can start customising and making your own quickly.
  • Panoramic setups
  • New additional setups included that will allow you to create panoramic images of the nebula, useful for creating HDRIs in games and other environments


Questions, comments, suggestions?

If there are any issues or questions do not hesitate to contact us via  or via Twitter at


Praise for the Blender Nebula Generator:

"One of the best things you can give to yourself. Instant piece of art" Michal Bednarek
"Love this tool. Saves a ton of time and the results are nothing short of amazing!" Miguel
"Very easy to use and worth of every "penny". Real time saver too." Juha Heikkinen
"This is a great plugin, creates some really good looking nebulae. Don't be afraid to play with the parameters for some very interesting and cool effects. Very fast preview in the view port. Another great plugin from Mark."  starfury359
"Absolutely Brilliant!" Regulus Fen


Special Note: Some Mac OS AMD Radeon GPUs currently appear to be having issues with EEVEE's volumetrics system, which may impact the EEVEE 3D Nebula Generator.  The issue is documented here:

Nebula Generator

  • Creative Commons

  • Blender

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