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Quickly create unique hull plating patterns using existing mesh topology.


One of the most time consuming things we've found is how to create an interlocking plating pattern on meshes such as spaceship hulls. The most effective method is to manually extrude edge loops over and over, which can be very time consuming. The more detailed you want the mesh to be, the longer it will take.


This add-on greatly speeds up the process, allowing you to quickly create a selection in a plating pattern and and extrude the edges accordingly.



  • Quickly generate a plating pattern from a random seed. The pattern is an interlocking effect designed to be more advanced than the standard random face selection in Blender.
  • The pattern can be generated on a whole quad based mesh or on a sub selection of quad faces.
  • Control the amount of grooves cut between the plates.
  • Control the depth of the grooves.
  • Control the thickness of the grooves.
  • Make the corners rounded.
  • Option to split the edges on a smooth mesh to ensure the edges are cleanly defined.
  • Option to completely remove the grooves and leave the plates intact.
  • Create your own greeble libraries that can be loaded into Blender 
  • Example libraries and a user interface overhaul so that you can manage your greebles in a much more interactive way.
  • No hidden geometry created, actions are performed directly on the mesh.
  • Compatible with our other addons such as the Plating Generator, Bevelled Extrude and Window Generator


Demo Video

See the Youtube Video at


Questions, comments, suggestions?

If there are any issues or questions do not hesitate to contact us via or via Twitter at


Praise for the Blender Plating Generator and Greebles:

"Fantastic Addon. Easy to use and a time safer. Definitely recommend"

"This addon is beast, if you're a Star Trek - Star Wars lover, you need to get this addon ASAP"

"One of my favorite blender addons. Thank you!"

"A gem add-on for Blender that is a must for Sci-fi lovers. You can add complicated stuffs to your model by just using this and also make a big sci-fi city scenery with just 6 clicks is the thing you can do with this. It is easy and a god send tool"

"An excellent addon, amazing for doing cities, spaceships or microdetails on hard surfaces, this kind of tools will save you a lot of time in your creative process"

Plating Generator

  • GPL

  • Blender

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