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Model many windows at once on the faces of a mesh


Years ago, we had a very hard time modelling window patterns onto models:

The user wanted more and more windows added to the 3D model, and each time we found ourselves painstakingly adding each one in a random pattern onto the faces. This took up many hours and days of time, far more than modelling the overall model itself. After this painful experience, we thought there surely must be a better way. So when using Blender, we decided to create an add-on that would do the job for us.


The add-on has applications beyond just modelling spaceships, and would also apply when needing to quickly model many windows onto architectural buildings.



  • Select faces and then add a configurable pattern of windows, where the amount of coverage and randomness can be controlled.
  • Control how many windows are mapped across each face and how many are mapped down them.
  • The width and height of the windows can be changed.
  • Different window styles can be created by adding corner bevels, and outer bevels can be added to make the window edges smooth.
  • Option to disable top or bottom bevels to create different effects:
  • Ability to assign a material to the newly created windows by specifying a material slot id.
  • Also assign a lights-off material to give the impression that some window lights are switched off.
  • Introduce further variations by adding a random "jitter" to the width and height of each window.
  • Option to perform edge split operations to create a quicker clean look.
  • The process automatically creates uv seams to aid in uv mapping for textures.
  • Faces are mapped from the top-to-bottom of a face by default, but the orientation can be changed to either left-right or front-back.
  • Additional refinement options that will attempt to remove unwanted edges or vertices from the created window patterns.
  • Compatible with our other addons such as the Plating Generator, Bevelled Extrude and Window Generator


Demo Video

See the Youtube Video at


Questions, comments, suggestions?

If there are any issues or questions do not hesitate to contact us via or via Twitter at


Praise for the Blender Window Generator:

"Extremely useful addon" Ace Lyons
"This is an excellent plugin - with loads of uses and a tonne of options as well. Recommended if you need lots of small detail/nurny style windows or nubbings. Great value as well. Great stuff - thank you Mark." starfury359
"best addon" firman ryan lim

Window Generator

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